Collection: Yabukita Blend

100 percent Japanese tea leaves.
The new standard for tea.


Yabukita is a breed of tea bush, or ‘chanoki’, which is native to Shizuoka. This tea cultivar represents about three quarters of the tea production area in Japan. It is known as an excellent breed, and its fragrance and flavor are generally considered the standard of Japanese green tea. Using these Yabukita tea leaves, we endeavored to make a tea product perfect for the modern consumer. From this, ‘Yabukita Blend’ was born.



Celebrating 29 successful years, and loved by more and more people every day.
Overseas exports began in 2009, spreading the enjoyment of the product all over the world.




History of Yabukita Blend

1988  Yabukita Blend is created
1999  Yabukita Blend TV commercial debuts
2013  25th Anniversary campaign (Commemorative anniversary package)



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