Since 1917

Founded by farmers. Cooperating with farmers across the country to lead the away in advancing tea production.

  • Agriculture

    Though our company-owned farms and contract partners all over Japan, we work directly with farmers to secure high-quality tea.

  • Blend

    Our experienced tea tasters masterfully blend tea leaves to bring our the best in each harvest and region and ensure consistent quality and flavor.

  • Quality Control

    Using both scientific testing and observational analysis by experienced quality control professionals, we ensure every product is safe and up to our strict standards.

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Tea Master's Blend

Umami, Sweetness, Aroma, Color.

Finally, a touch of bitter.

Try it if you are not sure which one is best for you!


Yabukita Blend

Beloved and long-selling brand for over 30 years


Tea Pairing

Recipes and pairing with foods