"Ochazuke" with Tea bag

"Ochazuke" with Tea bag

Making “Ochazuke” with Yabukita Blend Teabags!

Are you skipping breakfast because of your busy mornings?
For people like this, we would like to introduce an easy recipe for “Ochazuke”, or green tea over rice.

Rice (1 Serving)
Yabukita Blend 50p Teabag (1 bag)
Nori, Grated Vegetables, Umeboshi (Any toppings of your choice)

1、 Arrange your toppings on top of the rice
2、 Pour brewed tea on top (fill bowl about halfway)
3、 Add soy sauce, salt, or wasabi to taste

For your tea, green tea, hojicha, and genmaicha are all OK!
You can decide based on your mood each day!


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